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Mono NCR pad Printing

A4 or A5 NCR Pad Printing in either portrait or landscape orientation - choose from 2 Part (DUPLICATE), 3 Part (TRIPLICATE) or 4 Part (QUADRUPLICATE) part NCR Printing options. Choice of colour papers with our NCR Printing, with or without numbers, type of insert sheet, glueing option and finishing requirements. All pads are glued across the head.

  • Choose from 2 Part (DUPLICATE), 3 Part (TRIPLICATE) or 4 Part (QUADRUPLICATE)
  • Glued at head into a pad
  • x50 sets per pad
  • Premium 85gsm paper as standard
  • Choice of paper colours
  • With or without Sequential Numbering
  • With our without terms & conditions printing
  • Standard Insert board or Wrap Around Writing Shield option
  • Drilling or Hole-Punching - 2 or 4 holes
  • Double Glueing - (Sets stay together when removed from the pad)
All pads are glued across the head/top relative to the orientation of the supplied artwork.

Important Note: We do not offer FULL BLEED printing to any of our NCR products. Any artwork supplied with bleed will used for printing, however full bleed printing will not occur - a white deleteion zone will be evident.

Step 1 - Configure Your Product...

(Min: 1, Max: 50)

Choose your NCR printing from either Duplicate (2 Part) Triplicate (3 Part) or Quadruplicate (4 Part).

Choose your Writing Shield Option - Choose either to have the standard insert board or to uprate and have a wrap around writing shield - This type of writing shield is attached to the pad/book.

Choose to have your NCR with 2 or 4 holes for use with a standard ringbinder/folder

Choose to have your pads glued as 'sets' first, then glued into the fianl pad - The sets are individually glued together first as fan apart sets, then glued together into a pad - this can be beneficial if you need to remove any number of sets from the pad but need them to stay glued together.

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