PDF - Print Ready File - What does this mean?

If you would like to supply a print-ready file you can do it here - But...What exactly is a print ready file? A print-ready file is laid out for printing.
this will be in PDF format, and correctly laid out as either pages in consecutive order or imposed. You will need to include BLEED and CROPMARKS in your print-ready file.

A JPEG image, Word File, Publisher file, or native files such as an Indesign, Ai, or PSD is NOT classed as print-ready file - you will NOT be able to upload this file as part of your order. A print-ready file is in PDF format only and you will only be able to upload a PDF file here.

If you have a jpeg file or image file, then you will need to use our software online, this will allow you to add your image into the product and this will then create the 'print-ready' file for you. If you cannot use our online design studio to create your print-ready file (word, publisher files, etc) then you will need to send us these after your order is placed.


A print Ready Example:


Here we show a print ready example - THis is the full artwork, dates, images, events, cover pages, all laid out ready to print without any further artworking required - Print Ready!.